Learn golf easily

Are you tired of not seeing results? Are you tired of making the same mistakes again and again after class?

I understand you. I have also received low quality classes where the changes didn’t last for long and I ended up repeating old mistakes.


I’m going to suggest a different way of learning golf to you. You’ll have classes where you’ll really notice the difference subconsciously.


Just like driving a car where your movements and reactions are automatic. Sometimes you make mistakes and your car doesn’t respond optimally. I will teach you how to drive that car expertly so that you get good and lasting results.


There are various kinds of learning and of course, students receive information from their teachers in different ways. There are visual people, auditive or kinesthetic and their variants. For this reason, every class is particular to each player.


Now you can learn golf in classes where the methodology is adapted to your way of receiving information. Every student is different and perceives their lessons differently. It could be listening to instructions, watching videos in slow motion or feeling the movements of your body. This is the correct way to receive a golf lesson.

clases personales golf profesional 04

Why do I say the correct way? Simply because it’s the only way to guarantee that both brain and muscles are able to memorize that new movement and thus repeat it correctly and without thinking about it or subconsciously.


This way, it’s easier to improve your golf swing, correct a slice, get more distance from your driver or keep your left arm in a better position. Learning is more direct and effective.


I will be with you whilst you enjoy your golf classes. Learning and achieving your best version is easy.


Enjoy the change.

Fabian Lozano