Online Golf Lessons

Are you far away and wish you could have my help in improving your golf?

If you’re in Madrid, Bilbao, Santiago de Chile or any other city, we can do an online class.


Send me your swing, recorded on two videos, from the front and the side, to my email. Slow motion recording from mobile phones are also good.


I’ve helped many students in the Hispanic world; Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala and also from all over Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Bilbao and Seville.


If you’re far away, this is the best way to receive a golf lesson and improve your game.


I’m also available to help you online.

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What will you get from an online lesson?


  • Video analysis of your swing: Video in English or Spanish with a detailed explanation of what needs to be improved in your swing. Driver, irons, approach or putting. Wherever you need it.


  • Professional models: I use high level players to compare your slow motion golf swing and see the movements and positions which need correction as well as to identify your strong points.


  • Personalized exercises: Learning golf is easier when you have exercises which are designed specifically for your swing.


  • Total Flexibility: You will be able to see your online lesson anywhere and train wherever and whenever you like.