Learn with Fabián Lozano

Enjoy the change.

When you come to a personal golf lesson, you’re going to enjoy a class designed specifically to meet your needs, to feel special as you work to improve your golf.


You are also going to see real, effective and positive changes. As Kevin Miyahira used to say: “Teach simple, understand complexity”. I assimilate golf knowledge and I can pass it on to you in a simple way, so that you can excel at golf.


Private golf lessons are for beginners or advanced players, of all ages. Learning golf is more effective when the lesson is designed specifically for the learner.

We will improve your distance with the driver, accuracy with the irons, quality in approach, efficacy with the putter or any other aspect you need in order to reach the next level.


You’re going to learn golf in a different way, where you are going to be your best with this marvelous sport.

Video-analysis classes

You will receive a video of your swing recorded in slow motion, explaining the changes involved and specific exercises for you. When you’re at any practice facilities, you will be able to see your video-analysis in order to continue perfecting your swing.

Approach and Putting

I can improve your short game in all its aspects. From the approach or chipping with the Wedge Matrix system used by professionals of the PGA and European Tour, to putting, breaking it down to the basics, or your swing so that you can achieve greater efficacy.

Golf for kids

Your kids will enjoy a fun class where they will be able to learn golf. Time will fly with the other kids and they’ll be coming back for more. Golf lessons for beginners by age and level.