Simple and effective golf swing.

Remember the great golfers?

Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods or Rory Mcilroy… they all have a different swing but with movements in common.


The great golfers who have left their mark in the world of golf are characterized by their hitting longer and straighter in order to dominate the rest of their competitors thanks to two concepts  which are very important in order to have a more effective golf swing.


Use the body’s rotation as the main movement of your golf swing, that way gaining more speed and distance from your shots.

Control the stable release of the club to achieve more precision and exact shots with driver, Woods or irons.


Can you imagine getting another 20 metres from your driver? Would you like more accuracy with your irons?


I can help you with my golf classes, whether you are in Marbella, in person or online, if you are in Madrid, Barcelona, Córdoba or any other city.


With more distance and precision, playing golf is much more simple and fun.