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Golf Classes in Marbella

Would you like to learn golf easily? Do you want a lesson with your driver? 

My name is Fabian Lozano, professional golf instructor, currently the only one certified by Kelvin Miyahira in Golf Bio-Mechanics in Spain. I teach the Wedge Matrix short game system (James Ridyard). I can also help you to improve any part of your game which may need it; driver, irons, approach or putting.


My golf lessons are for beginners as well as the more advanced players of all ages. I can help you learn the golf swing quickly and efficiently, not just the basics so that you can start to enjoy this wonderful sport, but also how to achieve greater distance with your driver, more precision with irons or how not to miss short putts.


Thanks to my experience with bio-mechanics and the latest video-analysis technology (V1 HD Golf), we will record your swing in slow motion (EX-F1 Exilim slow motion camera) in order to see details such as movement of the left arm or the turning of your waist and other details to perfect your swing, short game or putting.


I teach in both English and Spanish, in person and online so that all players may improve their game. Whether you are in Madrid, Mexico, Valencia or any city, you can improve your golf with me.


Enjoy The Change.

Fabian Lozano

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Are you looking to perfect your swing?

Both the beginner player and the professional have the options of success or failure, the difference will be in the personal dedication during that learning path.

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Personal golf lessons

I will be able to help you in a different way

Whether you are a beginner and you want to learn to play this wonderful sport or if you are an advanced player and want to improve some parts of the game, I can help you.

Online Golf Lessons

Learn, train and improve where you want!

What will you receive in the Online Class? Swing video analysis, professional advice, personalized exercises and total flexibility.